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At the Beams




Mom and Dad at The Exorcist


Fin & Fang




Poetry is what I do when the regular order of words can't express the weirdness I'm feeling OR SOMETIMES I JUST LIKE THE WAY CERTAIN WORDS CLICK TOGETHER AND THE SOUND GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD!


At the Beams

Your wiry legs perched, arched, waiting

At the beams

Between the hall and coming in my room

Beast more than bug, oh sorry

So full on all sides

We don't have spiders like you in the city

You have me still

You stood too, us both deciding

Do you remember any of this?

I thought of how to save us both

Release us all, truly

From the tangled web, as they say

My voice cracks and sings

I didn't want to call

But he came for me and my finger points

He stomped like a breath

My shock swelled in the rug

With you

I had done it all wrong

If you see him, my father,

He won't remember this

But you'll both be there at the beams.


Fin & Fang

[An epic poem - excerpt]

Finally up against the land

She pushed his body up onto the sand.

This was as far as she could go

His dear rescuer, or was she his foe?

To let him die, buried at sea

Would be more humane than this bloody scene.

For a child to find while at play

Should she really leave this mess where he lay?

Would he want she save this body

To lie exposed, unholy, and gaudy?

If he lives, she thought, will he abhor her? 

But no man, she thought, lives through this torture.


A single tear onto his hand

She knew there was no more to do on land.

The night quickly came, stole her breath

Leaving him to inevitable death.

She went back to the deep from whence she came

And prayed only that he could do the same.


Who is a man to such deserve

A fate gruesome as this and by what nerve?

Could she detect some handsomeness?

What was his official rank and business?

Deeply saddened to see a good man go.

Surprised at her sudden feelings of woe.


Then something mixed and happened next

For all of magic rules to be perplexed.

Two fated start their intertwine;

Something beyond magic; nearly divine.

A vampire born on sand where he was lain

Owing his undead life to a mermaid.


Mom and Dad at The Exorcist


I remembered that my mom had told me about seeing, The Exorcist 

wth my dad, as a teenager

she was so scared that they had to leave the theatre


I couldn’t remember if it was their first date or not

but I wondered how gruesome it would be if it was

and how it might explain a few things of what I’ve become


My mom was away in Berlin for a while

visiting Holocaust memorial sights, of all things

so I had to wait until she came home to ask her more


It turns out it was a regular date to the movies.

and that they hadn’t left the theatre. 

I must have remembered wrong.


It was a regular date

But she was so scared, she covered her eyes

hid under her jacket and, at one point, even cried


My dad watched it all the way to the end––I can see him now

while my mom was terrified 

under her jacket, crying.


I asked her why she was so scared

and she said it was because it was 

when she believed in those things


I guess I can understand that. 

So what did my dad believe?

I wonder and I wish I could ask him now


I wish The Exorcist had been their first date

But maybe it would have been their last

and then I wouldn’t have become anything at all. 

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