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As a spooky scholar you're looking to delve deep into the archives, analyze the ancient scrolls and join by candlelight to share and discuss a good tale from time to time.


In other words, you're a horror nerd of the highest order and appreciate horror literature and theory.


Here's how it works:


Every month we begin a new reading or course for further background and context, led by Ashe once a week.


Recent readings include: Sweeney Todd (from original Penny Dreadful), scholarly journals on demonology, excerpts and journals on modern and historical horror theory including feminist horror theory and queer presence in modern horror.


This tier also allows you access to courses, including writing courses and groups (which come with editing and 'first eyes' editing for essays and fiction), free of charge or at a discount.





What's included:

  • Discord Spooky Salon - once a month ONLINE discussion

  • Spook Club Clubhouse - (horror book club access)

  • 50% Discount on Courses

  • Materials included

  • Digital downloads

  • Complete post/shownotes archive

  • Podcast extras

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